Be The Ultimate Bridesmaid!

jumpingSo, one of your best friends is getting married, and she wants you by her side.  I bet you are as excited as the bride to- be and of course not to mention the enormous to-do lists popping in your mind. This is definitely one of those moments which you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl and you want your bride to have her perfect dream wedding .Fear not, because we have it all organized under one roof. All you have to do now is take your role seriously, bring a smile on your face and read along.

Believe me! There is a multitude of tasks waiting for you. In the months after the proposal till the wedding, you have to be entirely at your bride’s disposal. Your primary task is in being the perfect bolster for her; be it her having cold feet before the D–day or a worry over her dress pattern. Always be there for her, your opinions and suggestions matter to her more than you would know. However as the perfect bridesmaid, you have to keep the best interest of the bride and always think of what she wants and not ‘what you want’ out of it.

Your Responsibilities

‘The Dress’: One of the most exciting yet crucial parts of your role is to hunt down the perfect dress for your bride. Be it an off the rack or a tailor–made, make sure you accompany her to the trials and ensure that she is radiant. Now, keep in mind that you have to coordinate with the other bridesmaids for your outfits too.

Bachelorette party:  Planning a Hen party is the only fun thing you would get to do as a bridesmaid without any interference from your bride. You can co-ordinate with your other fellow bridesmaids and decide whether to throw her a fancy bridal shower or to plan fun all girl weekend trip. Just decide it in advance and co-ordinate it thoroughly, so that you leave the bride awe struck!


Decor / Theme: Depending on the weather, preference of the couple and other attributes you can help them decide on any particular colour palette or theme for the wedding decor. You could also help the bride in choosing the centrepieces for the table, flower arrangements, wedding keepsakes and so on.

Logistics: Now as I suggested before, you would be playing a crucial role in the wedding and so it’s mandatory that you are involved in and are aware of all the logistics involved. It would be ideal to have all the important phone numbers in your contact lists’ including that of the florists, decorator and caterers and not to mention the immediate family members of the bride and groom. Now if there is a wedding planner, you can relax; all you need to do is to co ordinate with him/her.

Decoding the wedding and reception:  All the details of the ceremony as well as the reception has to be analysed and intricately charted out so that the event takes place in the sequence. It would be ideal for you to coordinate the detailing with your fellow bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Guest list and seating plan: You have to help out your bride in making the guest lists, drawing out invitations and in charting out the seating plan. Always remember that the key to a coordinated event lies in its planning!

The Speech: Now this is the part of the wedding where the entire crowd bestows their attention on to you. Remember Rachel‘s bridesmaid speech from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?  So be prepared to share a glimpse of your friendship and also your happiness in being the maid for your bride!

Wedding rehearsals: It’s vital that you attend the rehearsal dinner and see to it that everything goes according to the plan that has been previously prepared.

Things to do on the wedding day: So finally when the wait is over and the day arrives, make sure that you are with the bride in her every step. Be it by complimenting on her bridal beauty or helping her fix the veil.

It would be advisable for you to carry an emergency kit which has all the essentials including wet wipes, safety pins, comb, hair clips, perfume, lipstick, sanitizer, band aids, and tablets for headache or flu.

It would be better if you reach the venue prior to the bride and see to it that everything is as planned, fix any such last minute glitches.

Enjoy, relax and have lots of fun! It’s not every day that your best friend gets hitched!! And, of course, the perfection in the ceremony and reception is the result of your hard work too. Cheers!

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