Take A Look At Bridesmaid Design Trends

Congenial-DiamondsIf you are given to honour to be the bridesmaid on the big day of your friend or close relative, you need to know that there are many couture options that are available for you and the others. You may find many nice options, but not all will be full-on stylish. Moreover, you will have your own agenda of what you will wear. As each bridesmaid is unique, the choices of the bridesmaids will also be unique. The mismatched dress trend has still not made its way into the revolutionary fashion world. Here are some design trends for the bridesmaids that will be of help.

One-Shoulder Dresses: The one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are the most recent craze. The bridal party with soft neutral and asymmetrical details add to the perfection of the wedding. Especially, the black dresses that carry the one-shoulder style will be chic. You can add pops of colours on your bouquet to create a bold statement. In case, you want a dramatic colour, you need not commit to any dark shade, but you can try elegant options such as gunmetal. If all the bridesmaids have decided to wear the same dress, you can make sure that you wear your own shoes to let your personality shine. Lately, black has been replaced by the navy, and you need to ensure to wear shoes of a classic pop to make you look fabulous.


Bold and Vibrant Colours: The bold and vibrant colours will give a sassy look to the wedding and the bride. You can wear a monochromatic dress with a plum jewel tone and team it up with a lighter bouquet shade. One of the best colours to rock any bridal party is the sunshine yellow.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Gowns: If you wish to be unique, and the bride accepts a mismatched bridal party, each bridesmaid or a group of bridesmaids can wear gowns of different colours. You can try a bridal party with dresses of various shades of neutral, different patterns, and necklines.

Short and Sassy: If you can wear even the shortest dress ever and still rock the wedding as a bridesmaid, you can opt for such a dress and carry an elegant blush on your face. The short dresses of poppy and coral shades are the hottest in trend now. Even the little grey dresses are chosen by the bridesmaids for natural poses. Also, you can try printed mini skirts that are more stylish than the dresses.

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Bridesmaids Duties On The Final Day Explained Briefly

solitaire-engagement-ringBeing bridesmaid does not only require you to dress up prettily and pose for photos but also take up responsibilities so that things run in a smooth way. Here are some bridesmaid duties that you should take up.

Coordinate Transport and Accommodation: You should not leave the train tickets and hotel bookings until the wedding is over. In case, the bride is not able to do it for you, you should get it done. Supporting the bride is a part of your job, so you should turn up on time for her hair and makeup. You need to book things in advance and double check to know everything is done.

Final Arrangements: You should take the phone away from the bride or get her delegate some logistics to her close family members. You should take time to chill out so that you do not get into great stress. You need to make a list of the final tasks along with the bride well in advance before the wedding including the order of events, transportation to the church or venue, etc.


Attend The Pre-Wedding Events: Based on the wedding, you need to attend a rehearsal, ceremony, rehearsal dinner, or bridesmaid brunch. Ensure that you note all these in your diary and bring forward a bridesmaid speech in case it is needed.

Make A Wedding Day Survival Kit: It is a part of your duty to plan the wedding day disasters such as stains, broken heels, rips, nail chipping, etc. Keep in mind that you will not carry a handbag when you are in the aisle or wedding photos. You need to have a survival kit including safety pins, lipstick, dental floss, face powder, stain remover pads, sewing kit, tissues, and pilasters. The other things that you need to store in this kit depend on the weather and the dress.