How to Get a Good Night Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

It is normal to have wedding jitters. Almost all couples who are about to tie the knot feel this way. In fact, there are those who could not stand the heat and decide to just call the wedding off. The most common problem though is not being able to sleep well especially as the wedding draws closer.

There are a lot of things that bother you from the wedding details down to starting your married life together. If you feel this way, there are secrets to help you sleep better before your wedding day.

Don’t drink coffee

Coffee is a stimulant. It is for people who want to stay awake. If you want are trying to finish tasks, it would be helpful for you. However, if you have sleeping problems, avoid coffee as much as possible. Even if you drink it during the day, it can still affect you at night. Coffee is not the only drink that contains stimulants. There are other food and drinks that can also keep you up at night. It also goes without saying that alcohol must not be a part of your diet until your wedding day. It also disrupts your sleeping cycle.

Try to exercise

This strategy is like hitting two birds in one stone. Not only does exercising help you have a better sleep at night, it also helps you lose weight. Just make sure to choose light exercises. More strenuous activities may keep you up at night. Also, avoid doing any physical activity at least 2 hours before you sleep. Your body should be moving towards a resting mode before you hit the bed.

Don’t use your phone

The bright light coming from your electronic devices tells your brain that it is not yet time to sleep. It is like being exposed to sunlight. The blue light delays the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep faster. If you want to arrange your wedding details, do it during the day. Don’t let anyone bother you if you are about to sleep.

Stop thinking about the wedding details

This is definitely the reason why you can’t sleep well before the wedding. You are worried that things won’t turn out the way you wanted them to be. You also keep thinking about the other details of your wedding that have not been finalised yet. You might even worry about where to get enough money or how to start your married life not in deep financial trouble.

Buy a new mattress

You are getting married eventually so you will most likely buy one. Why don’t you do it now? Check out this Mattress Guide first to help you make a decision. If you have a soft and comfortable mattress to sleep in, you will fall asleep right away. This could be the change your body needs so you will feel more relaxed at night.

Your wedding will be a huge success. You will have a good life together as a couple in the future. Just relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and sleep.

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What is the Best Kind of Wedding DJ?

What is the Best Kind of Wedding DJ

Finding the right DJ for your wedding is important since he is responsible for all the entertainment at the reception. No matter where you come from, there are many talented DJs that you can hire based on the strength of your pocket. Besides the recommendations from your friends and relatives, there are also reputable online agencies that offer terrific DJs to consider – not the types who call themselves one just because they wear high-end DJ headphones. Regardless of whom you choose the right kind of a wedding DJ must have the following attributes.

A good disk jockey is one that can adapt easily to changing situations, and listen to your needs, make note of your requests, and offer practical ideas they feel will enhance the overall value of entertainment for the wedding. A past client can tell you whether the DJ you’ve chosen can adapt to the crowd and the energy in the room. Some of them frown at the slightest change, hence, making the whole party boring.

Within the first few minutes of entertainment, you can gauge the personality of the DJ. Make sure they have a personality you can work with throughout the wedding. They must be humorous, witty and upbeat. The ability to sustain good eye contact, and speak clearly is important since it shows they have a genuine interest in your guests. If they make you feel uneasy during the interview, chances are that hat is their personality, and will disappoint your visitors too.

How to Choose a Wedding DJ

All DJs are good, but only a few can be reliable. Therefore, the best one will be punctual, and will come prepared with all the right equipment including backup just in case of a turndown or emergency. They must follow through all their promises and live up to your expectations for the day. Reliability also means you can trust them to make all the right decisions without being followed around depending on how events are unfolding at the wedding.

If a DJ cannot name the title and artist of a hit song that you only know a few words, just know they have limited knowledge. Again, they should have in-depth knowledge about all the equipment from why they chose to work with a particular brand of equipment over the other, or even how a certain brand of the laptop is better for beat syncing and matching among other stuff. Moreover, they should know the current songs that are trending at weddings depending on the theme and type of audience present.

Other Skills

It is important for the DJ to have special skills like emceeing, speaking multiple languages, or providing colorful light to enhance the overall visual experience. An all-rounded individual can offer you better service, and you can rely on them to assist in other activities other than just what you hired them to do.

You can rate the DJ on based on his originality when playing music. They can add something new and unexpected to the songs to make them sound better and spice up the experience. He can twist a boring song; add something to it to make it more enjoyable. It takes a lot of creativity to achieve this kind of effect.

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