Things You Don’t Know About Being A Bridesmaid

CRVzRNJXAAAi1ZMIt is lovely to be asked to become a bridesmaid, but there is a meaningful tribute that is given to this role of honor in a wedding as it is one of the most important occasions in the life of your family member or friend. Being a bridesmaid requires you to look pretty, and you need to tune up for that day. Apart from this, what else should you know about being a bridesmaid? Take a look at this content.

Sobriety: Being a bridesmaid means that you should be a sober companion, so you need to speak. You should organize enough quantity of alcoholic beverages for the hen party as it is one of the main tasks. The bridesmaid should ensure that everyone attending the hen party has a great time. You should stay sober to watch over the proceedings, ensure that the bride does not hurt herself, lose her bag or her self-respect, etc. Also, you need to run interference between the bride and her future in-laws or any other person.


Research: A good bridesmaid is not only a minder to the bride but also a sort of research assistant. In case, the bride wants to know more about the different wedding venues or any other detail, the bridesmaid has to carry out the online searches or make calls and create a shortlist of researched and well presented information. This applies to queries related to wedding favours, flowers, cake toppers, etc. It can be even worthy to invest in a suitably decorated folder with some sticky tabs, dividers, etc. You will get lots of organizational tips online, and loads of bridal magazines have the informative websites that will be invaluable.

Opinions: The opinions should not be expressed by the bridesmaids until they are helpful, kind, and positive. Your opinion is not relevant, and it is surplus to the requirements. Do not be fooled by thinking that you need to be honest. In the worst case, your bride will have a huge row with her groom before the wedding day, and the organization of the wedding might cause stress to the couple. The bride will be upset about how unsupportive the groom is, and so on. It is not the right time to tell her that you never liked him as it is not good for her.

Privilege: It is a privilege to be a bridesmaid. The day might seem like a trial with lots of photos, and running interference. But, it is an occasion that will make your friendship with the bride stronger, and you will get the satisfaction of having done the most appropriate thing.

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